How to Become a Sponsor

The Greek Festival Committee is organizing this year’s festival for the weekend of June 11th – 14th at the St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church on Purcell’s Cove Road, situated along the scenic arm in Halifax.

Last year was another great success with approximately 15,000 attendees throughout the four days. It goes without saying that this event has become one of the largest cultural festivals in Nova Scotia.

We are now in our 30th year, offering more people the opportunity to experience all things Greek – from delicious foods and handmade delicacies, to entertainment in the form of music, dance and kid-friendly activities. We are expecting a record year for attendance which is only attainable with the generous support of our sponsorship partners. With your support we are able to provide memorable experiences that enrich the lives of all members of the greater Halifax community.

By partnering with us, you will be exposed to a desirable demographic that consists of a combination of young urban professionals, small business owners and families with kids in the household, all skewing high household incomes. The 15,000+ attendees that you will reach have typically grown up with the Greek Festival and attend year-after-year, showing a loyalty to our community which is humbling to say the least. We strongly believe that this is a great opportunity for us to move forward together and present your business’ support to the Greek community.

The Greek Festival is known as one of the most successful festivals in the HRM and that is something the community takes a lot of pride in.

This year we are happy to offer lucrative sponsorship opportunity packages.

Sponsorship is recognized through cash donations, value in-kind, or a combination thereof.

Lastly, the Greek Festival will be advertised through various local media such as television, radio, out-of- home, online and via social media channels – reaching 90% of our target audience.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact